Whether you’re a fitness buff, weekend athlete or sofa surfer, strap on some cleats and join the fun!

If you’ve never experienced racing a canoe on the snow, your chance to do just that is coming up!

On February 20, 2017, be one of the 60 awesome teams that will connect and compete.

Registration now open – sign up your team today!


Race Course

The course consists of a straight, snow-packed 200-metre track of four lanes. Each heat features four teams racing head- to- head. The top four teams (with best times) will challenge each other for the win in a final heat. The team who completes the course in the fastest time wins the race, has bragging rights and will be awarded the the Grand Prize for heat time. On Race Day, there will be an opportunity for you to practice with your team before the race.


A Wild Winter Canoe Race team is comprised of five adults.  No paddles at this event. Ingenuity and teamwork is a must!

Each team must have a designated Team Manager who is responsible for communication with race organizers and will ensure all crew members are kept informed of updates/changes as they unfold.

All crew members are asked to race for the cause by raising funds through pledging on the Wild Winter Canoe Race website.

Fundraising Page Instructions PDF

Safety and Waivers

Crew members are responsible for their own safety while participating in the 2017 Wild Winter Canoe Race.

Each Team Manager is responsible for ensuring that the Team Roster is completed online in full. The Team Manager is also responsible for ensuring that all individual crew members bring a hard copy of their signed Participant Waivers and identification on Race Day.

Equipment and Clothing

Race canoes will be provided by race organizers.

Team gear is the responsibility of the individual teams.

Teams will be dressed in a themed uniform or color scheme (preferably bright colors as they’re more easily seen against the snow).  Harness your creativity!  The bolder, the better! Best team get-up wins the All Star Style Prize.


Footwear that can maximize your grip will increase your winning advantage in the race – think crampons/soccer cleats. Footwear is the responsibility of individual teams and their team members.

A secure bag/clothing check will be available at a cost of $2 per person at the registration/check-in desk at the Inn at the Forks.

Race Rules

The emphasis for the 2017 Wild Winter Canoe Race is fun and friendly competition. However, there are some rules required to maintain the safety of the racers and spectators as well as to ensure fair competition. All teams should be apprised of the Race Rules of the competition before race day.